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37% of Americans are breaking Up with coffee this 2022

Here is why..
  • According to some scientific studies, coffee is taking away your energy and health and not the other way around.

Read on to learn more about the long-term effects of coffee and which is the healthier and tastier alternative people are switching to!

Now you will think twice before sipping the 3rd cup of coffee...

The Truth About Coffee...
As much as you love coffee we all know it has its little secrets behind the delicious smell and taste. 

Coffee has lied to us, think about it:
  • You got promised energy and got anxiety.
  • You got promised alertness and got jitters.
  • You got promised focus and got an afternoon crash.
Not to mention the heartburns giving you stomach issues... 

These symptoms are not normal, but they are common, chances are you have experienced any of this and YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE!

This is what Emily, a coffee drinker for about 13 years, says...

“I used to drink coffee everyday and yes you get a boost of energy but I find that it just makes my heart beat really fast. 

I need to work and be efficient for the whole day not only 2 hours of energy and shortly after an afternoon crash and headaches that leave me like a couch potato”.

Emily S. (36 years old)

But why? How does coffee really influence your body?
According to Harvard School of Public Health coffee can cause different reactions in people. From stomach irritation to disrupting sleep

Although many people appreciate the temporary energy boost after drinking an extra cup of coffee, high amounts of caffeine have their toll on the body.

Here are the 4 MAIN EFFECTS in your body:
Brain Function
Coffee increases energy throughout the brain BUT decreases cerebral blood flow which causes headaches and difficulty to focus once the effect is gone.
Digestive System
Coffee increases the amount of acid in your stomach and may cause heartburn or upset stomach. It’s processed in the liver and exits through your urine. 

Circulatory System
Caffeine can make your blood pressure go up for a short time. This effect is thought to be attributed to either an increase in adrenaline or a temporary block on the hormones that naturally widens your arteries.
Reproductive System
According to the Mayo Clinic, evidence shows that longterm coffee can interfere with the estrogen production and metabolism needed to conceive.

Coffee is NOT always the bad guy... 
Is just not good enough for you.
Although we had talked about the numerous consequences of coffee, there are many positive ones as well:
  • Energizing effects
  • Less risk of Type-2 Diabetes 
  • Decreased body fat and weight
The thing is, despite all the numerous benefits that might convince you to get brewing, we found out that... 
Coffee is a balance between those healthy benefits and the negative effects on the body.  

And... There is an alternative 10X better than normal coffee, but cheaper, and tastier.
The #1 Healthier Alternative for Coffee: Functional Coffee
Functional coffee is the derivative of vitamins, minerals, essential proteins, and superfoods such as Chromium and Gotu Kola

All infused in your same morning coffee, without compromising taste!

No more bad-for-you products with good-for-you names. 

Other "healthier" alternatives for coffee will leave you with funny faces after the first sip.

 A healthy and sustainable lifestyle is for the long run...

Health has to be easier (and it is). 

Introducing your new (better) morning ritual
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I take ALL Plantee products every day?
Yes! We’ve designed our Plantee products to go hand in hand together so your mind and body can get the most benefits.
Why Colombian arabica Coffee beans?
At Plantee, we believe in sourcing the best possible ingredients. Colombian coffee uses 100% arabica beans and is prized for its rich aromas and superior quality. 
Is Plantee Gluten-free?
Yes! We are proud to say that Plantee beverages are made in an allergen-free facility and are gluten-free.
Is Plantee Vegan?
Yes! Our products do not contain any animal derived ingredients.
Where is Plantee made?
We are proud to say our Plantee beverages are made in sunny California, with select ingredients thoughtfully curated from around the world. Our Plantee beverages are manufactured in a state-of-the-art FDA registered and cGMP certified facility.
How many servings should I take daily?
For optimal results, we recommend taking 2 servings per day.
How do you brew the perfect cup of coffee?
Brewing instructions for K-cups:

1-Open the lid of your machine and place your favorite K-cup pod in the coffee chamber.

2-If necessary, fill the water reservoir before brewing.

3-Close the lid, place your coffee mug on the drink plate, select your cup size, and hit the bew button.

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How much water should I dissolve the stick packs in?
For best results, we recommend that you dissolve your instant coffee stick in 8oz of hot or cold water. Mix thoroughly and enjoy!

For best results, we recommend that you dissolve your Oat Creamer instant stick in 8oz of hot or cold coffee. You can also use it as the perfect addition to your favorite smoothie or baking recipe. Mix thoroughly and enjoy!