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  • Can I take ALL Plantee products every day?

    Yes! We’ve designed our Plantee products to go hand in hand together so your mind and body can get the most benefits.

  • When is the best time to take Plantee?

    We recommend taking Plantee Coffee in the morning coupled with our delicious Oat creamer, or in the afternoon for a boost of energy!

  • What are some of the benefits of the ingredients in Plantee beverages?

    We use powerful plant-based nutrients and vitamins that offer a variety of benefits. 

    Please visit our benefit page here for more information about what Plantee can do for you!

  • Why Colombian arabica Coffee beans?

    At Plantee, we believe in sourcing the best possible ingredients. Colombian coffee uses 100% arabica beans and is prized for its rich aromas and superior quality. 

  • Is Plantee Gluten-free?

    Yes! We are proud to say that Plantee beverages are made in an allergen-free facility and are gluten-free.

  • Is Plantee Vegan?

    Yes! Our products do not contain any animal derived ingredients.

  • Where is Plantee made?

    We are proud to say our Plantee beverages are made in sunny California, with select ingredients thoughtfully curated from around the world. Our Plantee beverages are manufactured in a state-of-the-art FDA registered and cGMP certified facility.

  • How many servings should I take daily?

    For optimal results, we recommend taking 2 servings per day.

  • Where can I buy Plantee?

    Our Plantee beverages are sold on our website at to buy our products.

  • How do you brew the perfect cup of coffee?

    Brewing instructions for K-cups:

    1-Open the lid of your machine and place your favorite K-cup pod in the coffee chamber.

    2-If necessary, fill the water reservoir before brewing.

    3-Close the lid, place your coffee mug on the drink plate, select your cup size, and hit the bew button.

    4-For optimal results, choose the 8oz option.


  • How much water should I dissolve the stick packs in?

    For best results, we recommend that you dissolve your instant coffee stick in 8oz of hot or cold water. Mix thoroughly and enjoy!

    For best results, we recommend that you dissolve your Oat Creamer instant stick in 8oz of hot or cold coffee. You can also use it as the perfect addition to your favorite smoothie or baking recipe. Mix thoroughly and enjoy!


  • Where do you ship to?

    We currently offer free shipping within the US. If you are located outside of the United-States, please contact us at if you would like to try our products.


  • Do you ship to P.O. boxes?

    Yes, we do ship to P.O. boxes.

  • How much is shipping?

    We offer free shipping on all orders within the United-States.

  • Can I track my package?

    We will send a shipping confirmation email once your product is on its way and it will include a tracking link to track your package.


  • What method of payment do you accept?

    We currently accept all of the main credit cards—Visa, Mastercard and Amex. We also accept PayPal.

  • Is my credit card information secure?

    Yes! We use an encryption service to process your payment. Your credit card information is hidden from us and we do not store your credit card information. We use Shopify Payments secure encryption service to process all payments.

  • What if I want to cancel my order after I have already placed it?

    Please reach out to our customer care team for any order inquiries.